Estranged Wife Of Mihlali Ndamase’s Boyfriend Lays Criminal Complaint

Furthermore, the order also forces the husband to pay spousal maintenance and accommodation rent for his estranged wife and their children.

Estranged Wife Of Mihlali Ndamase’s Boyfriend Lays Criminal Complaint-TSZ Mzansi
Estranged Wife Of Mihlali Ndamase’s Boyfriend Lays Criminal Complaint

The Ex wife of Mihlali Ndamase’s boyfriend has laid a criminal complaint with the police after he defied a court order to return a luxury vehicle he bought for her as a gift.

The luxury vehicle is being utilized by Ndamase, the social media influencer whom the wife accuses of wrecking her marriage to the businessman.

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The wife, whose name whose name has been withheld , obtained an order in the high court in Johannesburg eight months ago.

The order says that the estranged wife’s husband is to return the Range Rover Autobiography he took from her and gave to Ndamase.

Furthermore, the order also forces the husband to pay spousal maintenance and accommodation rent for his estranged wife and their children.

The startling tidbits are contained in court papers that the wife filed in the high court in Johannesburg to oppose her husband’s attempt to rescind the order.

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In the papers, the wife says the businessman lied when he said he could not return the vehicle because he had taken it to PT Paint and Panel beaters for repairs.

She also claimed her attorney visited the panel beaters on August 28 to enquire about the luxury vehicle.

The attorney was told, according to the wife, that the road monster had been booked in for a bumper repair, not for a faulty brake system as claimed by her husband.

She had opened a case against Mihlali ex boyfriend at Sandton police station. She adds that the businessman laughed at her and boasted that the police in Sandton would never arrest him because they do his bidding.

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“I verily believe this, as they have done nothing till date despite the fact that I have laid a legitimate criminal complaint against the applicant,” read the papers.

The wife also disputes claims by her husband that he cannot afford to pay the maintenance amount as ordered by the court. Instead, she insists that he can afford the amount, because he blew R13 000 on booze at a bottle store in May.

“This was mostly likely top shelf and premium alcohol,” read the court papers. According to the wife, the businessman also squandered R50 000 on liquor on May 31.

This, she says, happened in a single transaction at a luxury nightclub in Sandton, adding that the father of her children also spent R9 000 more in the same waterhole.

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In total, says the estranged wife, the businessman splurged R59 000 on fire water. “It is inconceivable that a man with limited means facing financial distress would spend almost a third of his salary in a single night of partying,” read the court papers.

Mihlali Ndamase’s boyfriend also parted with more than R11 000 in a single transaction at another joint on April 12, says the aggrieved wife.

On June 2, the businessman frittered away R4 000 in another single transaction at Ukko restaurant, which the wife says was most likely on expensive food.

The businessman also blew away R13 000 at a clothing store in Sandton on June 28, where he bought a designer suit for the Durban July, a popular annual horse racing event.

“I pause to note that my daughter has told me that the applicant is planning an overseas holiday in Dubai this December with his paramour [Ndamase] and our children,” read the court papers.

In addition, she says, Mihlali Ndamase’s boyfriend transferred over R220 000 in the ravishing model’s account between April 20 and May 25.

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He also transferred close to R20 000 into the account of his cousin’s wife between May 18 and June 1, and a total of R10 000 into the account of a beautician whom she claims does the businessman’s nails between April 6 and May 19.

Ndamase’s lover is also said to have transferred almost R50 000 to his driver between April 12 and June 2, and used R4 400 to buy dagga on June 3.

Despite living large, the husband, said the estranged wife, has refused to pay rent for her and their children’s accommodation.

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