Gogo Maweni ShowCase New Ride

“We did it AGAIN girls with range rovers". Dear Ancestors Thank you,” she captioned her post on social media.

Gogo Maweni ShowCase New Ride-SurgeZirc
Gogo Maweni ShowCase New Ride

Gogo Maweni ShowCase her New Ride, as she expresses the joy of having a brand new car in a traditional way.

The traditional healer shared flashy photos of a beautiful white range rover parked in her compound.

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Maweni performed  some rites, as she went on to thanked her ancestors for the car through native incantations and prayers.

“We did it AGAIN girls with range rovers”. Dear Ancestors Thank you,” she captioned her post on social media.

But the traditional healer was faced in a life questioning combat, even in an aura of celebration. Which changed the reality of the day to something important.

Gogo continues to live her life despite being called out for being diabolic.

Recently, a KZN-based Sangoma called her out to retrace her steps from the kind of live she’s living.

“If you lived at a time when sangomas really cared. You would be dead. They would throw you off a cliff and wash their hands off.

Do you not have a mother, a friend who can awaken you to your own reality? You need to come back to yourself.

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I wonder if you have “uhlanga”. This is something that’s passed on to you.

It’s an ancestor who injects this on you. This is a compulsion to be evil and kill people, kill them spiritually and you cannot help yourself.”

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