Sishii, Gomora Actor Receives Baptism “Today I Publicly Declared My Life To The Lord” (Watch)

Sishii shared a clip on sunday of himself receiving baptism on his Instagram handle with a heartwarming caption, announcing his faith.

Sishii Receives Baptism-TSZ MZANSI SA
Sishii Receives Baptism.

Popular South African multi-talented personality Shishii announces that he recently received the sacrament of baptism.

Sishii shared a clip on Sunday of himself receiving baptism on his Instagram handle with a heartwarming caption, announcing his faith.

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“Today I publicly declared my life to ‘The Lord The Lord, the Compassionate and Gracious God. I once feared Him as a merciless fascist, so guilty, ashamed, and insecure in myself that I thought I’d never be enough to stand in His presence, or to even allow myself to live.

“It’s great to know that even though those feelings are valid, it is in my very weakness that Christ reaches out and His power is made perfect.

“I tried self-esteem, tried therapy, and even though those things have a place, nothing really gave me belonging. Only through His sacrifice am I enough, more than good enough,” he wrote.

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Sishii further added, “My mission as an artist has always been to tell my story with the hope that those who feel the same way will know that they’re not alone. I struggled with belonging and ‘home’ all my life and now it’s evident to me that we all belong to a purpose much greater than we think.

“We’re loved and cherished in a way we’ll never fully understand, so run to Him. There’s true joy here. Right here is where I belong. I’m not alone and neither are you. I love you and God bless you.

In response to Sishii’s baptism, Candice Modisella who also recently got baptized congratulated the artist ” Glory Glory Glory!!!. A new creation in Christ, I’m so proud of you.


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