Shaun Stylist Faces Arrest For Traffic Jam Stunt

This incident serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, no matter how famous or influential they may be.

Shaun Stylist Faces Arrest For Traffic Jam Stunt-TSZ Mzansi
Shaun Stylist Faces Arrest For Traffic Jam Stunt

Shaun Stylist, the personal stylist of Shauwn Mkhize and someone she considers as her own son, is now facing the consequences of his recent actions.

The flamboyant deejay and stylist found himself in hot water after a video of him and his brother causing a traffic jam while shooting social media content in Cape Town went viral. And let’s just say, the authorities are not amused.

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In the footage that has now turned into evidence against Shaun and his brother, they can be seen stopping their top-of-the-range V-Class in the middle of a busy intersection.

With an air of arrogance, they step out of the car to shoot their social media content, completely disregarding the inconvenience caused to other drivers. It seems they were more concerned with capturing the perfect shot than with following the rules of the road.

As the video gained traction on social media, it caught the attention of the authorities. And they were not happy. At a time when the Transport Department and the police were issuing warnings to South Africans to be responsible on the road during the festive season, Shaun and his brother decided to do the exact opposite.

Their actions left a bitter taste in the mouths of the authorities who have been implementing harsh measures against irresponsible drivers.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) wasted no time in condemning Shaun’s behavior. In a now-deleted tweet, they described his actions as “grossly irresponsible on a public road.”

And they are not taking this lightly. The charges that the RTMC could possibly bring against Shaun include obstructing traffic and negligent driving, both of which could lead to his arrest.

 It’s clear that Shaun and his brother underestimated the consequences of their actions. They thought it was cute to shoot content wherever they pleased, without considering the impact it would have on others. But now, they are facing the wrath of the authorities and the public backlash that comes with it.

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This incident serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, no matter how famous or influential they may be. It’s important for everyone to remember their responsibility as drivers and to prioritize the safety and convenience of others on the road.

Shooting social media content may be fun, but it should never come at the expense of breaking the law and causing a traffic jam.

As for Shaun Stylist, he now finds himself in a precarious position. The consequences of his actions could have a significant impact on his career and reputation. It’s a harsh lesson to learn, but perhaps one that will make him think twice before prioritizing social media fame over the well-being of others.

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