‘Muvhango’ Bids Farewell After 27 Iconic Years

As part of celebrating 30 years of democracy, SABC2's decision to rerun 'Muvhango' from season one is a fitting tribute to the show's cultural impact.

'Muvhango' Bids Farewell After 27 Iconic Years - TSZ Mzansi
'Muvhango' Bids Farewell After 27 Iconic Years.

After an astounding 27 years on air, the beloved SABC2 soapie ‘Muvhango’ has reached the end of its journey. Announced on social media this past Tuesday, the show shared a heartfelt message: ‘End of the road for Muvhango, thank you for watching all these years.’

This poignant farewell marks the conclusion of a series that has touched the hearts of many South Africans by portraying the rich tapestry of life in Venda’s rural Thohoyandou, juxtaposed with the modern lives of urban residents.

But fans of ‘Muvhango’ need not despair entirely. SABC2 has a nostalgic treat in store, planning to broadcast retro episodes of this iconic soapie.

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This initiative aims to ‘take Muvhango viewers down memory lane,’ allowing long-time fans and new viewers alike to relive the show’s early days.

Starting from its debut in 1997, when it aired weekly, ‘Muvhango’ grew in popularity and eventually became a daily staple in South African television households.

As part of celebrating 30 years of democracy, SABC2’s decision to rerun ‘Muvhango’ from season one is a fitting tribute to the show’s cultural impact.

According to SABC publicist Caroline Phalakatshela, ‘Muvhango’ was the first Tshivenda TV drama, offering South Africans a glimpse into one of the country’s most picturesque regions.

It provided a platform for viewers who had never traveled to Venda to appreciate its beauty and unique culture.

‘Muvhango’ has been more than just a TV show; it has been a cultural phenomenon, reflecting the remarkable talent of its cast, crew, and management team.

Caroline Phalakatshela emphasized that reaching 27 years on the air is a ‘huge milestone’ and celebrates Muvhango’s success with the SABC and South Africans.’ The series’ longevity is a testament to its compelling storytelling and the deep connection it forged with its audience.

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