Mofundo Moh’s “Ugcobo” Album Hits Over 1million Streams In 7days

Mofundo's album has generated over 1 million streams in after its release 7 days ago.

Momfundo Moh's
Momfundo Moh's "Ugcobo" album hits Over 1million Streams in 7days

Monfundo Moh’s “Ugcobo” album has hit over 1million+ Streams on streaming platforms.

Mofundo’s album has generated over 1 million streams since its release 7 days ago.

This record-breaking feat is another plethora of milestones the artist has attained in the industry.

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The sensational singer excitedly took to her social media to announce the big win with followers, thanking everyone for their support and urging people to keep streaming.

“MohFam. thank you so much for streaming UGCOBO ALBUM. Thank you for being part of the 1+million streams we got ngesonto lokqala…stay blessed” she wrote.

Recall that in May Moh received various awards at different times over the success of her Hit album “Amagama

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