Miss South Africa 2023, Meet The Top 12 Finalists

From thousands of entries  received, the number was cut down to top 12 who will be going into the grand finale to contest for the crown with the contestants representing five provinces, Gauteg has five (with two from the vaal triangle and one from tshawane) next is western cap[e, Northern cape, and eastern cape, while the north west boasts of one finalist.

Miss South Africa 2023, Meet The Top 12 Finalists - TSZ Mzansi
Miss South Africa 2023, Meet The Top 12 Finalists.

Miss South Africa has unveiled the 12 top finalists for the grand finale on Sunday 13th August 2023 at The Sun International’s flagship venue arena, the Sunbet Arena in the time square Pretoria.

From thousands of entries received, the number was cut down to the top 12 who will be going into the grand finale to contest for the crown with the contestants representing five provinces, Gauteng has five (with two from the Vaal triangle and one from Tshwane) next is Western Cape, Northern Cape, and Eastern Cape, while the North West boasts of one finalist.


 Miss South Africa contestant1 is An’e Oosthuysen

Ane Oosthuysen (age 25) from Vanderbijlpark, Vaal triangle in Gauteng is a primary school teacher and a four-time graduate with degrees in psychology and medical sociology.

“Making the top 12 has been life-changing, to say the least, I have always dreamt about this moment and to finally have the opportunity to live it out is surreal.

“it reaffirms my belief in my self and my advocacy. I am excited to see how this journey will unfold and even though it has been a bit stressful and challenging, its been so rewarding.

“meeting and spending time with my fellow contestants has been incredible. I have cultivated deep bonds with many of them and am very grateful for that. I am so ready to come next.

Miss South Africa contestant2 is Anke Rothmann

Anke Rothmann is aged 23, a pharmacist intern who is representing the Northern Cape town. She obtained her bachelor of pharmacy degree from the Northwest University in Potchefstroom.

She loves being spontaneous and going on adventures, watching friends, and listening to Taylor Swift. Anke aspires to be someone who can help others define what is important and meaningful in life and inspire them to attach worth to more than just what is external.

Miss South Africa contestant3 is Bryoni Govender

Bryonin is age 26, is from kempton park in Gauteng, and is a qualified lawyer working as a trainee associate, whilst awaiting admission to become an attorney. She describes herself as graceful, ambitious, and courageous, and loves a good mutton curry on the weekend. she adores animals but dogs are her favorite.

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Homba Mazaleni

Homab Mazaleni (23) from Gonubie, east London in the eastern cape, is a qualified sports scientist and student at the University of Western Cape. she pursued biokinetics to help people recover from injuries and sickness, it gives her great satisfaction to help them gain the tools they need to pursue their own goals and passion.

Jordan Van Der Vyer

Jordan van der Vyer (27) from Durbanville, Western Cape is a model and businesswoman who recently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder and chief operating officer of an online pioneering platform. She aims to provide aspiring individuals with invaluable insights. her prime concern is cultivating an inclusive society.

Keaoleboga Nkashe 

Keaoleboga Nkashe( 27) from Itsosend in the North West, is an educator, student, and model. She describes herself as a lifelong learner with a great sense of humor that connects people.

She is an inclusive activist who is passionate about the rights of the LGBTQIA + community and the rights of children. her lifelong dream is to head up a kindergarten across the African continent that focus on steam education.

Lebohang Raputsoe

Lebohang Raputsoe (24) is from Sharpeville, Vereeniging in Gauteng, and works as an HR professional with SABP and holds a master’s degree in human resources management and degrees in industrial psychology and labor relations management. She stands for the progress of youth, focusing on youth empowerment and development.

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Levern Jose

Levern Jose (23) from Kimberly in the northern cape, is a candidate property practitioner, a Bcom law student at Eduvos Pretoria, and an entrepreneur. She is a woman of resolve grace and learning.

She would love to collaborate with the minister of small business development and the minister of labor to explore the economic viability of women and youth in South Africa.

Lungo Katete

Lungo Katete(26) from Mildrand in Johannesburg Gauteng, is a creative at heart with a flair for all things design. this led to her achieving Bachelor, Honors,  and master’s degrees in Architecture from the University of Witwatersrand. She considers herself to be very graceful, resilient, ambitious, and charismatic and loves to explore her creative side through music.

Melissa Nayimuli

Melissa Nayimuli (27) is from Butterworth in the eastern cape, she was born in a multi-cultural home to a Xhosa mother and a Uganda father. She is a passionate storyteller and currently works as a television and film creative producer in Johannesburg.

Melissa is passionate about finding solutions to unify Africans, break the stereotypes, and celebrate diversity, as she believes there is more power and strength in unity.

Nande Mabala

Nande Mabala (25) from Zwelethemba, Worcester in cape town, is a model, micro model, influencer, philanthropist, and a triple major BA Arts graduate. She believes her courage, tenacity, and drive have molded her into the woman she is today.

She values having pride in her story and where she comes from because it is what helps a community with people from all walks of life.

Natasha Joubert

Natasha Joubert (25) is from Tshwane in Gauteng and is a BCom marketing management graduate. she is the owner and fashion designer of Natalie Jeffreys, a company she started when she was 19.

She has never let her circumstances define her future and wants to enable others to also learn independence and create their own narrative.

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