Sophie Ndaba @50: Expresses Joy

I’m restored! Fully!!! Thank you, Jesus, for 50 YEARS OF life!!!!!

Sophie Ndaba @50: Expresses Joy-SurgeZirc SA
Sophie Ndaba @50: Expresses Joy

Sophie Ndaba indeed needs to leap more in joy and show gratitude to God Almighty for clocking 50 years of age.

Emphatically life is beautiful and worth showing appreciation to God when the breath from our nostril flows constantly when celebrating every new code.

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Yesterday, the SA actress unboxed her golden jubilee in a profound style.

Sophie shared a video of herself dressed in a stunning outfit; captioned with a note of gratitude and saying, Mercy rewrote my life.

The business tycoon took time to talk about the challenges faced over the years, but most importantly, she’s grateful for life.

“Dear Lord. How do I thank you, how do I honor you, Kimg of Kings, lord of lords! You are not Man that you should lie.

They whispered they plotted, and they told me Noone would love me ever again! They forgot WHOSE I AM you knew and loved me before I was born! That’s all the love I need!

I’m restored! Fully!!! Thank you, Jesus, for 50 YEARS OF life!!!!!

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Half a lifetime is no joke! I’m grateful.

Otekile TAfole in the presence of my enemies! Halala, basheshe bahleka! I love you, Lord,” she wrote.

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