Untold Story Of Master KG’s “Keneilwe” Original Owners Left In Poverty

"It hurts because my kids always want to celebrate when they hear that song, but I cannot let them because, really, what is there to celebrate? It hurts me."

Untold Story Of Master KG's
Untold Story Of Master KG's "Keneilwe" Original Owners Left In Poverty.

It’s a tale as old as the music industry itself – the story of artists being taken advantage of and left in poverty while others profit from their hard work. The latest chapter in this saga involves Master KG’s hit song “Keneilwe,” which was originally owned by the Dalom Kids.

According to reports, Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter decided to rework the song, which was originally titled “Celebrate.”

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But here’s the catch – the Dalom Kids, the original owners of the song, claim that they were never consulted or given permission for the remix. And now, two of the three members of the Dalom Kids find themselves wallowing in poverty.

The Dalom Kids, consisting of Magdeline Zungu, Jacqueline Rotwana, and the late Petronella Rampou, formed in the 1980s. They claim to have written the song “Celebrate,” which became a hit. However, they were shocked to hear their song being remixed without their permission.

In a recent interview, Zungu revealed that the group was formed by the late musician and producer Dan Tshanda in 1987. The group was managed by Dan’s widow, Sylvia, who unfortunately passed away in 2009.

Zungu claims that Sylvia took control of the group’s finances, which led to the creation of the “new” Dalom Kids. These new members would perform at events and sing songs from the original band.

Now, Zungu and Rotwana find themselves in a heartbreaking situation. They have not received any royalties for their songs, and their financial situation is dire.

Zungu expressed her pain, saying, “It hurts because my kids always want to celebrate when they hear that song, but I cannot let them because, really, what is there to celebrate? It hurts me.”

Rotwana echoed the sentiment, stating, “Someone else is enjoying our labor while we remain uncredited. We just want them to credit us and pay us for our work.” Both Zungu and Rotwana have taken legal action and are working with their respective lawyers to address the issue.

On the other side of the story, Master KG claims that he had no idea there were other members of the Dalom Kids. He reached out to Sylvia, believing she was in charge of the late Dan Tshanda’s work. They made arrangements to rework the song, and according to Master KG, everything was done through Sylvia.

But regardless of who knew what, the fact remains that the original owners of “Keneilwe” are suffering in poverty while others profit from their work. It’s a sad reality that highlights the ongoing struggle for artists to receive fair compensation and recognition in the music industry.

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