Moozlie Reveals Strategy For Her Musical Comeback In 2024

"It's not a closed door for me, but come on, you know I got to keep it Hip Hop."

Moozlie Reveals Strategy For Her Musical Comeback In 2024 - TSZ Mzansi
Moozlie Reveals Strategy For Her Musical Comeback In 2024.

Despite a prolonged absence from the music scene, Moozlie has managed to maintain her relevance and influence in the South African Hip Hop industry. Known for her dynamic presence and celebrated hosting skills, she has become a key influencer within the culture.

While her active participation in various Hip Hop events has showcased her versatility, Moozlie is now ready to make her mark in the music space once again. In a recent interview with TimeLives, the Spirit Of An OG hitmaker revealed her master plan for her musical return.

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Collaborations with other artists are at the top of her priority list. “It’s going to be Baby Boy and Blanco. I’m back in the studio, and I must say, I’m sounding f***en crazy,” she enthusiastically shared. With an extensive network in the industry, Moozlie is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

While some South African rappers have embraced the Amapiano wave, Moozlie is committed to staying true to her Hip Hop roots. She acknowledges that exploring different genres is not off the table, but she firmly believes in keeping it Hip Hop.

“It’s not a closed door for me, but come on, you know I got to keep it Hip Hop,” she confidently stated during an interview on Turbang Studios TV.

Moozlie’s journey in the music industry spans over a decade, and she doesn’t take her accomplishments lightly. However, she is not one to dwell on past successes. Instead, she remains focused on the continual evolution and expansion of her brand.

“As you grow and evolve, you always want what you do to be bigger than you,” she explained to reporters. Through her music career, she has also gained valuable knowledge about retail and marketing, allowing her brand to reach new heights.

Moozlie’s return to the studio signifies her determination to reclaim her spot in the music industry. Fans can expect a fresh sound and exciting collaborations as Moozlie maps her way back to success.

Stay tuned for updates on Moozlie’s musical comeback and be prepared to witness her impact on the South African music industry. With her network and passion for Hip Hop, there’s no doubt that Moozlie is set to make a triumphant return.

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