Cyan Boujee Exposes Former Manager’s Dubious Actions

Cyan also shed light on Wellington's questionable character by sharing screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations.

Cyan Boujee Exposes Former Manager's Dubious Actions - TSZ Mzansi
Cyan Boujee Exposes Former Manager's Dubious Actions.

When it comes to messy breakups, celebrities seem to take the cake. And DJ Cyan Boujee is no exception. After a bad separation from her former manager, Wellington, Cyan decided to spill the tea on social media and let the world know about his less-than-saintly behavior.

In a series of posts on her social media account, Cyan revealed that Wellington had been withholding payment from her, even after receiving booking fees. Talk about shady business practices! But that’s not all.

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Not one to hold back, Cyan questioned why Wellington was exposing personal information about her, such as her passport details and the whereabouts of her team members.

If he was so innocent, shouldn’t he be focused on discussing business matters instead? After all, age is just a number, and being 40 years older than Cyan doesn’t automatically make Wellington a saint.

But the revelations didn’t stop there. Cyan also shed light on Wellington’s questionable character by sharing screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations. One screenshot showed Wellington suggesting that Cyan engage in sex work with older men to cover transportation costs. Talk about crossing boundaries!

Cyan made it clear that she always refused such offers, but Wellington persisted. It’s no wonder her boyfriend despised him. Who wouldn’t be disgusted by a manager who prioritizes their own financial gain over the well-being and dignity of their client?

It seems that Cyan had been dealing with a manager who was more interested in proving a point than genuinely supporting her career. From the beginning, Wellington had pushed her to outshine the famous female DJ he had worked with before. It wasn’t about her talent or growth; it was about his ego.

And let’s not forget the claim that Wellington made about being assaulted by his previous client. Cyan couldn’t help but question the validity of that statement. Was it just another attempt to manipulate and control her?

It’s no wonder Cyan decided to go public with these revelations. Sometimes, choosing peace means standing up for yourself and exposing the truth. And that’s exactly what she did.

As the story made headlines and trended on social media, people couldn’t help but sympathize with Cyan. It takes courage to speak out against someone who holds power over your career. But Cyan wasn’t going to let Wellington’s actions define her.

So, what’s next for Cyan Boujee? Well, one thing’s for sure – she won’t be silenced. She’s determined to continue her journey as a DJ, free from the toxic influence of her former manager.

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As for Wellington, his reputation has taken a hit. It’s clear that his actions have consequences, and his true character has been exposed for all to see.

Let this be a lesson to anyone in the entertainment industry – never underestimate the power of a strong-willed artist who refuses to be silenced. And never mess with Cyan Boujee.

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