Babes Wodumo Banned From Attending Mampintsha’s Mother’s Funeral

“Babes and her sister accused me of witchcraft, they said I’m evil and I am the reason for her fighting with my mother. That is not true.

Babes Wodumo Banned From Attending Mampintsha's Mother's Funeral-TSZ Newz
Babes Wodumo Banned From Attending Mampintsha's Mother's Funeral

If the dead could be woken up to fix the mess they left behind, most definitely Mampintsha’s family would wake him up. The singer’s mother will be laid to rest on Saturday, 21 January 2023 and her daughter-in-law, Babes Wodumo, might not be able to say her final goodbyes.

The 64-year-old passed away just a few weeks after her son, Mampintsha died.

Her health reportedly deteriorated after the West Ink boss died, as she continued to ask for him despite his death.

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Even when the news of her hospitalisation trended on social media, the Simelanes didn’t believe it until she died on Sunday night following liver complications after her son died.

The family never paid Zamangwini a visit in the hospital.  According to SurgeZirc SA, Nondumiso, Babes Wodumo’s sister, previously said that they did not believe Zamanguni Gumede had been hospitalized. She also said that Mampintsha’s sister Pinky did not call to inform them, and they are still waiting for a call.

“If she was sick, Pinky would call us and tell the family. Why has no one phoned us?”

The late Mampintsha’s sister, Pinky Gumede revealed Babes’ hideous behaviour to her in-law’s family even after her husband died.

“What complicated things were the videos she kept posting on social media sometimes even insulting the family. My mother saw all of that and it worsened her condition. I feel she died with a broken heart. But she’s at peace now,”  she said.

“All she is benefitting is money and fame. Everyone is feeling sorry for her, but none of them came to visit uMa in the hospital or even give her a call. Now, I am left alone,” she adds.

Pinky claims she did not call them but believes they were aware of her hospitalization.  “I was also afraid of being labelled greedy. We were already harassed while trying to see Mandla’s body. uMa died without seeing her son’s body.

“Babes and her sister accused me of witchcraft, they said I’m evil and I am the reason for her fighting with my mother. That is not true. I don’t know why that family hates me so much. But for them to allow our poor mother to die without a mere visit or even a phone call is cruel,” she adds.

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Now based on all this it was then revealed that her son is welcome to attend the funeral while she’s not.

“Mampintsha’s family mara. Why ban Babes Wodumo from the funeral but expect Sponge to attend? Who’s going to take care of him? Mampintsha’s mom and Babes had made peace, the least they could do is allow Babes attend the funeral…. It’s not like she’s responsible for their death” wrote Tshegofatso.

Meanwhile, Babes shared the funeral details of her late mother-in-law.

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