AKA’s Friends Criticized For Pouring Alcohol On His Grave

"We miss you, bro. There'll never be another."

AKA's Friends Criticized For Pouring Alcohol On His Grave - TSZ Mzansi
AKA's Friends Criticized For Pouring Alcohol On His Grave.

Friends of the late rapper AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes, have once again found themselves facing public criticism for their actions. On the occasion of AKA’s 36th birthday, a group of his friends, including musician L-Tido, visited his final resting place to pay tribute.

However, a video clip of the friends pouring alcohol, specifically Cruz Vodka, on his tombstone has sparked controversy. The choice of Cruz Vodka is significant as AKA had a longstanding partnership with the brand.

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This act of pouring alcohol on the grave has raised concerns among the public, who view it as disrespectful and inappropriate. It is worth noting that this incident occurred just two weeks before the first anniversary of AKA’s tragic death.

The video, shared by L-Tido, shows the group of friends taking turns pouring bottles of Cruz Vodka, with flavors such as watermelon and banana, which the rapper had publicly endorsed.

L-Tido captioned the picture with a heartfelt message: “We miss you, bro. There’ll never be another.” While some individuals defended the friends’ actions, stating that they were simply celebrating AKA’s birthday in his own unique way, the majority of the response has been critical.

Pouring alcohol on a grave is seen by many as disrespectful and insensitive. Grave sites are meant to be places of solemn remembrance and reflection, where loved ones can pay their respects to the deceased.

Pouring alcohol on a grave can be seen as trivializing the memory of the person buried there and disregarding the sanctity of the space. It is essential to approach the commemoration of a loved one’s birthday or anniversary with sensitivity and respect.

There are numerous ways to honor the memory of a deceased individual without resorting to actions that may be considered offensive. Sharing stories, memories, or engaging in acts of charity or kindness in their name can be meaningful ways to celebrate their life and keep their memory alive.

Public figures and celebrities often face scrutiny for their actions, and the friends of AKA are no exception.

As friends and associates of a well-known rapper, their actions are likely to be scrutinized by the public, especially when it comes to matters related to his grave and legacy. They need to consider the potential impact of their actions and the message they send to others who may be grieving or visiting the graves of their loved ones.

See more comments below:

@MasegoBT: “Kiernan was a saved man. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior. Stop pouring alcohol on his grave.”

@Tebelelo_Lico: “Clout chasing. I’m very disappointed. Next time, do that to your late relative/family. Leave SupaMega alone!”

@Sir_Tumisang: “The best birthday gift would be pushing to find who the killers are… Not vodka on a grave.”

@ZizinjaAbelungu: “This is disrespectful to the dead.”

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